She almost gave up

Yesterday I had the chance to talk with a fellow fitness professional. Our paths have crossed a few times over the past year and recently another fitness professional suggested she reach out to me for some guidance. A few minutes into our phone call she dropped this bomb…..”Last week I was ready to call it Read more about She almost gave up[…]

Do or Do Not, There is No Try 

In Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Master Yoda instructs Luke Skywalk to ‘Do or do not, there is no try.’ This is one of my favourite quotes and one of the philosophies of living that I find the hardest to uphold. Do or do not. For me, this means that you need to make Read more about Do or Do Not, There is No Try […]

Setting Goals – Enough Already!

Yeah, it’s that time of year, every guru under the sun is talking about goal setting. How to set smart goals, how not to set goals, how to set goals that you’ll actually achieve, blah, blah, blah. I’ve been in the goal setting business a long time. As a fitness expert and Life Coach goal Read more about Setting Goals – Enough Already![…]

YOU Are a Walking Experiment

The health/fitness/wellness industry is plagued with programs, powders and pills that promise you amazing results. This industry might as well have a license to print money. People are so desperate for the “thing” that will take away their problem, that will give them the physical body they want, that they will try almost anything and Read more about YOU Are a Walking Experiment[…]

I Want to Look Better Naked

If this is what is important to you, own it. Don’t beat yourself up for being vain or selfish. There is nothing wrong with taking pride in your physical appearance. The one caution I will give you though is to make sure that the reason why you want to look better is because you actually Read more about I Want to Look Better Naked[…]

Do You Want to be Healthier, or Just Look Better Naked?

Let’s be honest, what are you more concerned with, your health, or your physical appearance? No judgement, just a simple question that is absolutely essential to knowing the answer to before you start a physical activity program. Here’s the deal, what we do to improve our health is a WHOLE lot different than what we Read more about Do You Want to be Healthier, or Just Look Better Naked?[…]

Is the Fitness Industry Part of the Obesity Problem?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the reasons why it’s so difficult for so many people to make the changes they need to in order to get in better shape. In the fitness courses that I teach I ask my students to list marketing messages that the general public is exposed to from the Read more about Is the Fitness Industry Part of the Obesity Problem?[…]

1 Step to a Happier Life

My last post was about losing 30 pounds by clearing up the clutter. Of course I was referring to mental/emotional pounds. So many of us struggle, struggle all the time with everything it seems. We struggle with eating healthy, we struggle with being active, we struggle with being a stressed out, frustrated, overall unhappy person. Read more about 1 Step to a Happier Life[…]

Keep Your Goals to Yourself

Recently I watched a very interesting video of Derek Sivers talking about keeping your goals to yourself (click here to view the video). In this video he talks about decades of research that goes against what most of us have been told about setting goals. Throughout my whole professional career I have been told that Read more about Keep Your Goals to Yourself[…]