YOU Are a Walking Experiment

The health/fitness/wellness industry is plagued with programs, powders and pills that promise you amazing results. This industry might as well have a license to print money. People are so desperate for the “thing” that will take away their problem, that will give them the physical body they want, that they will try almost anything and pay almost anything.

I had a student in a fitness course years ago who declared to the whole class that he was 100% certain that there was no quick fix anywhere on the planet. He said that if Oprah hasn’t found the fix for health/wellness/fitness then it doesn’t exist. With the resources at her disposal and her past struggles you bet if there was a quick fix out there she would have found it by now.

So please, let go of the hope that there is the PERFECT program, powder, pill out there for you – it doesn’t exist.

But here’s what does exist, a whole bunch of programs, powders and pills that may or may not work for you. YOU are a walking experiment. The mindset that you want to have is one of curiosity. So try that new program at the gym, see what works for you and what doesn’t. Try that new way of eating and see what works for you and what doesn’t. By trying different things you can keep all the pieces that worked and get rid of all the pieces that didn’t. In essence you create your own program through the bits and pieces of all the other things that you’ve tried.

Each one of us is so incredibly unique that I think it’s offensive for someone to suggest that they have the solution for everyone. What they may have, is one piece that could help you.

So instead of looking for a single thing that is going to give you the health and wellness that you want, think of yourself as a walking experiment. Keep what works and trash the rest.

8 thoughts on “YOU Are a Walking Experiment

  • I could not agree more! As soon as I took complete responsibility for my health and really started paying attention to how I felt doing and eating different things, miracles began to happen. What works for me may not work for others, but I’m glad I’ve found my combination and I’ll keep tweeking it as I go.

    • I’m so thrilled to hear that Stephanie! At the end of the day it’s about finding what works best for each of us individually. And you make a good point about tweeking as you go, the experiment is never complete 🙂

  • I like the idea of being a walking experiment because it embraces the idea of referring back to yourself to determine whether something is working — rather than assuming it is good just because someone else swears by it. Empowering!

    • I think that there are too many self-proclaimed “gurus” out there. People start to rely on other people for the answers instead of paying attention to what their own body is telling them.

  • So true! Rather than tell my clients to eat Paleo or Mediterranean, I tell them, “let’s get you off your food allergies, stop drowning yourself in cytokines and see who you are, what parts of your personality come out and see what YOUR body craves in the way of healthy whole foods and in what amounts and we will design a way to eat, exercise and live that is uniquely yours!” They love it and I think it takes a lot of pressure off because they see it as an experiment and in experiments, there are no failures!

  • This is excellent advice! I get really frustrated with the “one size fits all” recommendations for health that come from so many sources.

    When I was looking to feel healthier, I also kept track of the medicines I was taking (or not taking). I discovered a connection between my allergy shots and other areas of my wellness. When I am consistent with my allergy therapy, EVERYTHING else feels better. Wow!

    And not a single doctor was able to connect the dots for me.

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