What sets you apart?

So I am on this quest to teach Personal Trainers how to incorporate some simple Life Coaching tools into the work that they are already doing with their clients. I have presented my model at a few conferences now and the feedback has been astounding, Personal Trainers love it! I presented at another conference yesterday and as part of my pre-presenting prep routine I try and think of the questions that participants might ask me. And a funny thing happened as I thought of this….a question came up that I have never thought of before and that has never been asked before. And the more I think of it the more it seems that this should be the first questions that Personal Trainers ask.

“Where do I get the time to use these tools with my clients, my sessions are already jam packed.”

Here’s the simple answer…..Not all your clients will be ready for this type of work. The clients who are ready, they will love taking 10-15 mins of a session here and there to use the Life Coaching tools. So, it will require that you redesign a session every so often so that you have those 10-15 mins that you need. And your clients will love it! By working with them in this way they will have an entirely different training experience. We live and work in an experience based economy, it is no longer good enough to simply offer a service. You must offer an experience with your service, this is what will set you apart from other Personal Trainers.

Remember, if you (and your client) believe in something you will make the time that you need for it. If you don’t see how you could possibly make the time to work with your clients in this way then this isn’t a fit for you right now.

If you haven’t had a chance to take this workshop with me yet and you are interested, drop me an email (brenda@brenda-adams.com). I am in the process of developing this training into an online workshop and can send you the details when it is ready. Or, if you are really keen, and I mean really keen, email me right away as I have a few spots open for a free pilot program I am offering “Life Coaching Skills Bootcamp for Personal Trainers”.


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