TV free week – day 2

Well, so far we have kept to our commitment to be TV free for this week (this is day 2). We almost had a slip last night. After dinner we were sitting in the living room and found ourselves actually discussing whether or not watching a movie would violate our TV – free agreement. Actually discussing if watching a movie counted as watching TV! Wow, how quickly we fell into trying to find a loophole. It got me thinking about how many other things in life we do that with (we meaning all of us).

Where in your life do you look for the loophole? And why are you looking for it in the first place? For me, looking for the loophole allows me to revert back to my old behaviors. The behaviors that I know, that I am comfortable with, that are predictable. So then I start to wonder what is wrong with letting go of old behaviors so that you can embrace new ones? Are the new ones really that scary? Usually we change our behaviors to improve our life. Are we afraid of making changes that could actually lead to more happiness?

I seem to have more questions then observations in this post. Perhaps that is just highlighting how important it is for each of us to sit and really think about why we resist change, why we look for the loopholes. And funny enough, I have time to think this week. That is as long as I keep the TV off…..

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