The Self Care Struggle – How Pink, Sparkly Nail Polish Got Me Back on Track

We all have our struggles. Mine? Self care. When life gets busy and things get hectic the first thing that gets pushed off the plate is my self care. I tell myself that I can read later, when our daughter is asleep, or I will journal just before I go to bed. My intentions are always good…
And then something happened last week where I found myself reading and journaling in the morning and sometimes in the evening too! I was cooking meals more often and taking time to just sit and be. During a moment of reflection I asked myself what had changed that I am now doing all this things that previously had been pushed aside. The answer shocked me! Let me explain…
I had our first child 3 months ago. During a visit back home a few weeks ago someone made a comment about how my nails and toes aren’t painted like they always used to be. Then came the remark about that’s the thing with being a mom, you don’t have time for doing your nails. So when I got home, almost in defiance, I painted my toes and nails. I felt happy each time I looked at my fingers and my toes and saw the sparkly pink polish. Feeling good lead me to want to journal, to read, to cook. That pink, sparkly polish was the catalyst for everything else! Such a simple act of self care put me into a place where my other acts of self care were effortless.
So what is your pink, sparkly polish? What is that one simple thing that you can do that will make you happy? Do it, and see how things shift in your life.

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