March 12, 2015


Tammy Berendsen – Fitness Professional

Before working with Brenda I thought I was a master of multitasking, yet I never seem to be able to complete tasks and achieve my personal goals. Many days I would lose focus on what really made me happy and felt like I was going in circles which became exhausting and demotivating.

My weekly meetings with Brenda changed my life dramatically as I learned how to manage my schedule and make time to enjoy the most important things to me in my life.  I now have more quality time with my children and husband which has brought me life balance peace and great happiness.

The greatest thing that came out of my work with Brenda was I learned how to make time for the rocks in my life; those things that are most important to me like family, personal creativity, and accountability for my own workouts.

I have had the honor of knowing Brenda for over 10 years and she is by far the most sincere, motivational, supportive coach I know. Brenda is one of my rocks and I still look to her for guidance when I derail or have new challenges in life.

AnnDee King – Fitness Professional

When I first started working with Brenda I felt like a paper doll that was crumpled and packed down into the garbage, I was ‘small me’ and I wanted to learn how to be the full version of myself. Working with Brenda unfolded me and smoothed out the creases so that I was upright, without all of this gravity pressing down on me.  I learned to take tentative steps practicing being the full version of myself and eventually I wasn’t practicing anymore, I was ‘being’.

Brenda helps me to stay on track with goals and set realistic and attainable goals that add up to big life changes. She helps me to see the forest again. She picks out common threads and themes and helps me to see the ‘big picture. She helps me find solutions that are so profound yet so simple.

Brenda is a is a tool-giver who has a way of helping all sorts of people, from businessmen to fitness professionals to young women and everyone in-between.

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 Kerri Carlson – co-founder of everyWOMAN

Before working with Brenda, I felt like the challenges that I faced were all over the map.  I wasn’t even sure what my greatest challenge was ~ stress, not sleeping at night, feeling overwhelmed, lack of focus, time management, out-of-control tasks, not knowing what mattered most too me, just plain too much to do and not enough hours in the day.  Prior to engaging with Brenda, I had been working on my own to ‘figure things out’ and get clear about my priorities, and I was actually making some progress.  However, working with Brenda was the tipping point of clarity.  I knew that I needed to take action, and I needed some help to organize my thoughts and to get clear on how I wanted to spend both my mental and physical time.  Brenda was patient, and a great listener and extrapolator.  She allowed me to express myself, but then provided very solid direction on an action plan that resonated with me.  I felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders with Brenda’s reliable tips and expertise.  She is honest, passionate, specific and articulate.  Working with Brenda launched me to the level of clarity that I needed; I was (and am!) motivated, inspired and revived.  Thanks Brenda!