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3 Reasons Why We Eat

I’ve been reading the book “Eating Behaviours and Obesity” by Dr. Shahram Heshmat over the past few weeks and I have to say, he has a great way of putting complex information into an easy to understand format.

One of the things that he writes about are the 2 reasons why we eat. While these weren’t a surprise to me in concept, the way that he titled and described them really made sense to me. I have added  third to the list that I personally experience.

picture of book cover

The Reasons

  1. physiological hunger (you physically feel hungry) – our body needs food to survive
  2. hedonic hunger – we eat because it makes us feel good
  3. boredom – this one is my addition.

How I Respond to those Reasons

Lately I have been playing around with these 3 reasons. Each time I want to eat something I ask myself which of the 3 reasons is the reason why I am reaching for food in that moment and I have a certain action I do for each one.

  1. physiological hunger – great! Continue on!
  2. hedonic hunger – hmmm….will those cookies really make you feel better? Wait at least 10 minutes before giving into this one (usually by the end of the 10 minutes I don’t want the cookies anymore)
  3. boredom – get your ass of the couch and do something!

What are your tips and tricks for eating for the right reasons? I would love to hear them!

Are powders and pills replacing whole food?

Lately I have been reading and hearing a lot of information about different supplements/products that fitness professionals are using themselves and selling to their clients to help them reach their goals. The results seem to be impressive. People are losing weight, they say they are feeling better and for some it has also become another source of revenue.

So, here is the first place where I am a bit stuck. Fundamentally, I think that these supplements/products are a band aid solution to people not making their health a priority. They are choosing not to cook healthy food. There are lots of reasons that they will give you, I am too busy, the food we buy in stores today doesn’t have the same nutritional value, etc. And at the end of the day, if you value eating healthy you will make the time and you will find quality foods.

Here is the second place that I am stuck. If the people using these products are not willing to take care of their health through whole food then are the products they are taking better than nothing?If they are becoming healthier should it matter how they get there?

When I think about this whole scenario I wonder if nutritional products/supplements are the next evolution in how we nourish our bodies. Think back a few generations, people grew their own food. Then society changed and people stopped growing their own food, and started buying it from others. Then society changed again and they cooked their own food less, they ate out, bought pre-cooked meals. So, are pills and powders the next evolution? Will they slowly start to replace whole food all together?

As a life coach, when a client is not taking care of something important in their life we often start to dig a bit deeper to see where else they are selling themselves short. Where we struggle in our life is often a symptom of something else that is going on. If a client continually chooses not to make their nutrition a priority, why is that? What else are they shoving off to the side? Until the client figures out what the underlying issue is they will continue to struggle. It may appear that they are conquering things in their life but really they are just trading one struggle for another.

So, if you or your clients are choosing to use pills and powders instead of whole foods I encourage you to sit for a moment and really ask yourself why you have chosen this path instead of real food. No judgement, just curiosity. When we are clear around why we are making decisions we are much more likely to make the right decision and to stick with it.