Should You Be Playing a Bigger Game?

Last fall I attended my first Desire Map workshop. Our facilitator was Sandi Amorim ( There were so many things that changed my life in that workshop and one of the most profound was when Sandi shared a bit of a rant with us. A lot of coaches talk about playing a bigger game, the idea being that, to live an inspired life, fulfilling life we need to take bold actions and be outside of our comfort zone. This idea was really made into a concrete framework by Rick Tamlyn ( Sandi’s comment was that if we are unhappy, disconnected, unhealthy etc. we are not in the emotional, mental, and physical place we need to be in order to take those bold actions. We need to be in a place of confidence and strength first.

I think this struck a chord with me because of the philosophy I have always taken when working with clients. That we need to master the basics first, we need the baby steps, the quick wins. We need to create small success and build momentum that will keep us inspired, motivated and energized.

How could you possibly do something that scares you a bit, something that stretches you, when you can’t even have the motivation or energy to eat a proper breakfast? How could you do things that challenge you when you can’t even stay committed to being physically active three times per week? You can’t. You need to have the have the mental, emotional and physical foundation first, before you make any other changes in your life. You need to be feeling good in your life.

I’m all for playing a bigger game, playing a bigger game on a solid foundation. Click To Tweet

I would love to hear from you in the comments below.  In your life right now, what’s the easiest thing that you could do to support your emotional, mental or physical health? Something that you could do in the next 24 hours….Something that would make you feel good.

Here’s mine: spending time outside with my family, taking pictures, exploring. It costs nothing, we can do it anywhere. It makes me feel connected and revived.



3 thoughts on “Should You Be Playing a Bigger Game?

  • You are so right Brenda. I find this to be true of my clients too! And Of myself! Just getting back from a two week vacation and the best thing I can do for myself is to get a good nights sleep in my own bed, take time tomorrow to unpack and get readjusted rather than charging back into the office right away ( as much as I would like to)!

    • It’s easy to forget the most basic of things, self-care, isn’t it? I often book myself back to back with work after being away at an event, that’s something I need to be more aware of 🙂

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