She almost gave up

Yesterday I had the chance to talk with a fellow fitness professional. Our paths have crossed a few times over the past year and recently another fitness professional suggested she reach out to me for some guidance.

A few minutes into our phone call she dropped this bomb…..”Last week I was ready to call it quits and get a job in retail. This whole Entrepeneur thing was just too much”.


This is a fitness professional who is exceptionally knowledgable, passionate and amazing at what she does and who she helps. And she was thinking of throwing it all in to work in retail?

Luckily her wife talked her off the ledge and instead of calling it quits she reached out for help, she reached out to me. Now she knows what she needs to do and has a plan to get it done.

Have you had doubts as an Entrepeneur? I have (you can read about my experience here).

Here’s the thing, the best way to get clear on what you need to do next is to talk with someone. Someone you know and trust. Someone who will hear you, support you and call bullshit when that’s the right thing to do. We spend way too much time trying to figure this entrepreneur stuff out on our own. You are not alone, find like minded fitness professionals who can be your life-line when you need it.

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