January 2, 2015

Resource Kit

Do you ever wonder if you’ll ever be able to get yourself together enough, get your life together enough, that you could feel like you are a member of the “Healthy Living” club?

Do you wish that you could plug into the brain of a Personal Trainer who’s also a Life Coach and extract out all the brilliant nuggets of information that they have?

Well, I have the next best thing. Over the past year I have been pulling together my most popular and most impactful nuggets of information that I have been using with my clients and students. I have organized the information into 5 modules that you can go through at your own pace.

Client testimonial: Brenda gives me solutions that are so PROFOUND yet so SIMPLE.

The best part? There is nothing prescriptive in this kit. You keep what makes sense to you and ditch the rest. There’ll be information that will rock your world, information that you’ve heard before but perhaps forgot about, and information that doesn’t seem to apply to you. And that’s the brilliance of it, you get to pick and choose what you use.

Client testimonial: Brenda helped me to understand myself by being incredibly smart, knowledgable and well read. She is trustworthy and I know she always has my best interests at heart.

This resource kit contains really practical, easy to understand, easy to implement information that I have gathered through my 19 years in the Health and Fitness industry and in my 6 years as a Life Coach. This is information that I have used with my clients, my students and in my own life.

Client testimonial: Brenda is a coach for people who love learning.

I’m all about simplifying stuff that seems really overwhelming and really complicated so that we can live well within the chaos of our lives.

So, what kinda stuff will you learn about?

  • why most people don’t reach their goals
  • how to set goals that you will actually achieve
  • how to change behaviours so the change sticks
  • how to tweak your life just a bit so that you have way more energy to do the important things
  • simple ways to take care of yourself so you can be at your best
  • and so much more!

I’m also all about making life-changing information accessible to the people who want it. That’s why I’m offering a “pay what you want” option for this resource kit. In it you’ll get 5 audio recordings as well as a workbook. All the information you can download so that you can come back to it as many times as you want.

PRE-SALE: The Resource Kit will be available for download on Monday January 12. Buy now and you will get access to the kit on January 12. Why buy it now? So you don’t put it off and forget about it. If you know that this is information that you want to have, buy it now.

And there is no “buy now and get a free set of steak knives” offer. You choose a price between $97 and $197 that feels right. No strings, no up-sells, no gimmicks.


P.S. This is your life. You get to choose how to live it. Sometimes it may seem like you don’t have any options, but you do.

P.P.S. I will update this kit at least once a year and everyone who purchases it will automatically receive the updates.

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