March 13, 2014

Movement Analysis Made Easy

When you first learned about movement analysis was it so confusing that you just wanted to memorize what you needed to pass your exams? I did. And then, after many, many years of teaching, I found a really effective and simple way to teach this topic so that fitness professionals don’t have to memorize anything. I will teach you how to understand movement analysis in such a way that you will never have to memorize again.

As fitness professionals it’s crucial that we have the ability to look at ANY movement and figure out what muscles are working and whether or not it’s effective for those muscles. Things in our industry change so fast, we have to be able to look at what’s new and know what’s going on.

In this on-line workshop you will learn an easy to use, 5-step template, that will allow you to look at any movement and figure out what’s going on. You will also receive completed movement analysis templates for some of the more common exercises used in the fitness industry.

This is not your typical “online” course…

This truly is an online course. After you register you will receive a link to a site where you can watch a recorded PowerPoint presentation. After watching the presentation, you will go to an online quiz. The quiz is marked in real-time, so you will know instantly if you have passed. You will then have a completion certificate emailed to you for your CECs.

Cost: $25
CECs: 1.5 (CFES and BCRPA)
To register and get started NOW, click here.