October 9, 2014

Life Coaching

I work one-on-one with people who have lost themselves. Lost themselves in their work, lost themselves in their lives. Using my background as a Life Coach and Fitness Expert, I help to bring you back. Bring you back so you can be your best, in your work and in your life.

When you’re lost a whole lot of stuff can go sideways:

  • Fatigue – you feel tired most of the time
  • Stress – your ability to deal with stress decreases. This can impact your personal and professional relationships
  • Self doubt – your confidence starts to shrink
  • Blahness – you don’t enjoy the things in your life the same way

How can you possibly reach the success that you want in your personal life, your career,  your business, when you’re fatigued, stressed, doubting and not enjoying your life? Pretty hard to do.

Let’s get you back.

Call (778-822-6224) or email me (brenda@brenda-adams.com) to set up a time to chat to see how I can help you.