Is TV sucking the life from you?

Next week is Screen Free Week ( The timing is interesting as a few weeks ago my family decided that we needed to limit our TV time in the evenings. We found that we would get to the end of the week, eager for the weekend, only for the weekend to end too soon. We were living our weeks just to get to the weekend so we could enjoy ourselves. Not realizing that we have hours in the evening that we can spend doing things we actively enjoy.

The change we made was that the TV can only be on for one hour per night during the week, that’s it. We record all our favorite shows so we don’t miss anything, we just end up spacing it out. A few things happened:

  • we make dinner every night – a good dinner
  • our house is cleaner
  • we talk more
  • I have started doing more creative things more often
  • we go to bed early

Overall, we are living a much healthier life. But it’s not without it’s challenges. For me, I became so used to just sitting down and watching TV that when I limit it to one hour I start to feel deprived. What was really interesting about that is I never felt that watching TV was depriving me of all those other things that I enjoyed doing, and it was.

Somehow the world of watching TV squeezed out all the other great things we could do with our time.

Next challenge for our family – participating in Screen Free Week. No TV for seven days…..I’m not going to lie, I am a bit nervous about it. Which only shows me how important it is to turn the TV off.

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