If it’s not exercise it’s not worth it……

Yesterday I went for a walk through my neighborhood. As I walked I enjoyed the beautiful scenery and my favorite artist on my ipod, Dino Dinicolo (www.dinodinicolo.com). I chose to walk as I haven’t done any activity since the 1/2 marathon two weeks ago and wasn’t sure how m body would feel. As I walked I couldn’t shake the thought that if I am not exercising, if I am not burning a significant number of calories, then the walk isn’t worth it and I should just head home. WHAT???? Wow, where did that come from? It had me start to wonder at what point in my life did I lose touch with the idea of just enjoying being active, regardless of how may calories I am burning. I have collapsed the idea of physical activity into the quest for burning calories.
How many of you have fallen into this same place? What would it be like if we came back to simply enjoying moving our bodies? Part of me wonders if in the long term we would be more active if we actually found enjoyment in movement. And the bizarre thing is that we would reach the same goal of burning more calories. The difference is that the priority would shift from burning calories to being physically active doing things we enjoy.
Enjoying physical activity, what a concept. 
Fitness Professionals –  what are you doing to help your clients discover the joy in moving their bodies?
Everyone else – instead of obsessing about burning calories, obsess about finding physical activities that you enjoy. I challenge you to find 10 things in the next week that you enjoy that involve moving your body……

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