August 1, 2013

Fitness Workshops

It’s absolutely critical that Fitness Professionals keep learning, ALL the time. Attending workshops is a great way for them to learn new information, be reminded of things they have forgotten and network with other Fitness Professionals. I strive to offer workshops that are bit off the beaten path, to spark critical thinking and really great conversation!

Hover over the “Fitness Workshops” tab above to see what courses I have coming up.

Want to host a workshop? Click below to download my workshop catalogue which includes my current workshops, rates and how to host a workshop in your facility.

Workshop Catalogue – 2014


3 thoughts on “Fitness Workshops

  • Brenda, I work at the Corporation of Delta and we spoke briefly at the BCFit conference. I just wanted to say that you’ve left a definite impression on me, a bit of a “wow” to be honest. I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop when you came to speak to us six months ago at Sungod, but listening to you address the panel, chatting briefly during the break with you… you keep coming to mind.
    You are definitely a true Leader in this field and my goal is to be able to have even a portion of your positive impact on people’s lives, careers and hearts.

    Many thanks for all you do!

    • I cant thank you enough for taking the time to share this with me Lori. It’s important to me that the work I do make a difference, and sometimes you go a long time without knowing if you are having an impact. So, thank you, for confirming I’m making an impact and that my work matters (as does yours :-).

      • I had a brilliant time at BCfit this year and you were a portion of that buzz that has lingered post conference.

        I am all about keeping full and not allowing myself to empty out. It’s impossible to be up for my clients, family and class participants if I don’t refuel my energy.

        You have an amazing energy, thanks for sharing it so freely.

        Looking forward to crossing paths in the near future hopefully!

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