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What’s the Deal with Gluten (and other digestive questions)?

I love being a resource for people. So, when I find good information I like to share it. [Tweet “One of my go-to places for nutritional information is “]The site is the work of Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, whom I cannot say enough about. If you want uncensored, researched based information, he’s your guy. Here is a recent interview he did where he talks about:

What’s the deal with gluten? Is the current craze being exaggerated?
What are some solutions for bloating
Is there a link between IBS and breastfeeding?
How often should you be going number two?
How much damage do detox teas do to your stomach?
Why does eating raw vegetables cause a sore stomach?
To salt or not to salt?

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You Can’t Course Correct If You’re Standing Still

This is a quote that I have heard some version of a few times in the past 6 months and it has really stuck with me. Let’s think about it in more concrete way…If you park your car and turn off the engine, and then turn the steering wheel, what happens? Nothing. Now if you start the car, press the gas and start moving, then turn the wheel, now you can change the direction you are going.

So, in your life, if you aren’t moving, you can’t alter the course you are on. Where this seems to show up the most,is when we are feeling overwhelmed. I know for me, when I am feeling overwhelmed I almost feel paralysed There are so many things that I need to do and I can’t seem to get started on any of them. You need to get out of the overwhelm so that you can take action, get moving and take control of the direction of your life. So how do you get out of overwhem? Here is one way…

Stay Focussed on the Task at Hand

It’s actually impossible to feel overwhelmed if you’re living in the present moment. So if you’re truly present to what’s going on in your life right now, it is physically impossible to feel overwhelmed. So when you feel overwhelmed, that’s your first indication that you’re not truly being present in the moment because overwhelm comes from thinking about all the things in the future that you need to do.

The future might be 5 minutes away or it might be 15 years away. And I’m not saying that we should never look ahead. Of course, we need to be looking ahead. We need to have an idea of the direction we want our life to go and how we’re gonna get there, and in those moments when you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s not because you’re charting out your life plan. It’s because your brain is being bombarded and bogged down by all these different things that you know that you have to do that you haven’t done yet.

So, pick something, anything, that you need to get done. And while you are doing that task stay focussed only on that task.

Here is an example. You may find yourself reading this blog for a moment or two, but then your brain drifts to thinking about what you’re gonna make for dinner, and that thought leads to your brain creating a virtual shopping list which reminds you that, “Oh, shoot, I have to get gas before I go to the grocery store,” which reminds me that, “Oh, I gotta take the care in for an oil change,” which then reminds you that you’re car’s getting kind of old, maybe you should think about trading it in. “Do we wanna get something bigger, something smaller? I don’t know if I wanna trade it in, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.”

So you’ve gone from reading this post to what am I gonna make for dinner to we need to buy an SUV. Does that sound familiar? No wonder you’re feeling overwhelmed. Your brain has so many different things that it’s trying to process all at the same time. So to deal with that, think about only what you’re reading in this post, if we’re using this as our example. If you start to think of something else, grab a piece of paper, quickly write it down and bring your attention back here. So, as the thoughts come in, as you’re reading what I’m sharing with you, if something else pops into your head that’s completely unrelated, write it down, your brain knows that it’s safe, you can come back and then pay attention to the call once again.

Just Do Something

Here’s the thing, you just need to do something. Anything will get you moving. It could be a really small task like putting dirty clothes in the laundry, or it could be a bigger task like filing your taxes. It doesn’t matter, you just have to get into action. And when you’re in action, if you start to feel overwhelmed, remind yourself to only think about the task at hand and when the task is done you can think about all that other stuff.

Once you get something done you start to build momentum and then it is easier to get more things done. Just start moving.


TV free week – we survived!

So, we survived TV free week. It was interesting to notice that we went to bed a lot earlier each night which was great. The interesting part was that when it was 8:30 and we were thinking of going to bed my first thought was that it was too early, we could still do stuff. And in the past the stuff that we would do was watch TV. Not really enhancing the quality of our life. Getting an extra 1.5 hours of sleep, now that makes things better.

We had two blips in the week. One night we watched 30 mins of TV and another night we watched 45 mins. And both times we ended up not really watching the TV, we ended up talking or puttering around the house. And even now, I watched some TV yesterday and it didn’t really interest me. I turned it off half way through a show.

I think it all leads to what happens when you break a habit, any habit. You get it out of your system and when you start “allowing” yourself to have it again you don’t want it like you did before. And all it took for us was one week. One week to break the hold that watching TV had on us.

What has a hold on you? What habits do you want to change? Eating less sugar, playing more with your kids, getting up earlier? Challenge yourself to break that hold for just one week, for seven days. You will be amazed at how different everything feels when you come out the other side into a new week, into a new way of living your life.

The Experience Economy – are you on board or lagging behind?

A few years ago my boss at the YMCA gave me a Christmas gift that most people would think was a joke. You see, I love to read, and so my boss got me a book called “The Experience Economy”. It changed forever the way I look at what I do.
The authors write about how when we purchase a service we are paying someone to do a task for us or to give us access to something (dry cleaning, cutting our hair, washing our car, membership to a gym etc.). There are so many choices for us as consumers that for a business to stand out they need to do something different, they need to offer an experience. And people are willing to pay more for those experiences.

Earlier this week I blogged about my experience in completing the Emperor’s Challenge, this amazing, beautiful, grueling race. The next day I was talking to my training partner (who is now hooked on running) and she said that she was looking around to see which race she wants to do next. There is a half marathon close to where she lives (in Northern BC) and as she researched the course she discovered that a bus takes you 21km out of town and then you run back on that same road. Not much of an experience there! So now she is looking to fly all the way from Northern BC to Vancouver Island for the Victoria half marathon this fall. All because the race in Victoria looks like it would be an incredible experience.

What experiences are you creating for your customers/clients/participants? Creating amazing experiences is not just for the business owner; it is also for all of us who deliver a service. If you are a fitness instructor, how do you create an experience like none other in your class? As a personal trainer what is it that you do differently that will have your clients raving about how much they love training with you? If you are a Life Coach how do you go above and beyond for your client?

Next time you are paying for a service take note of the small things that they do that adds to your experience (hair salons that offer lattes, banks that have bowls of fresh fruit on the counter, sushi restaurants where the chef sends over a free sample of a unique dish, etc). What do you experience that you could adapt to work for your customers/clients/participants? It is no longer enough to just offer a service, we need to create and offer experiences. That is what will set you apart.

The Experience Economy – Joseph Pine, James Gilmore (1999)

Completing The World’s Hardest and Most Beautiful Half Marathon

Earlier this year one of my dearest friends, actually she is more like a little sister, asked me if I wanted to do the Emperor’s Challenge with her in Tumbler Ridge, BC. This mountain race is known as the world’s hardest and most beautiful half marathon. So, on Saturday August 7, 2010 we joined 573 other runners and we conquered Babcock Mountain! It was such an amazing experience! For any runners or hikers out there who are looking not only for a race but a once in a lifetime experience, this is it. Here are some pics (which do NOT do the course justice).
Misty, AnnDee, Kathryn and I waiting for the race to start. It was a really cold and windy morning.
This was the incline for the majority of the first 10km of the race. My cardio was good but man were my calves not happy with me!
So, I am jogging along and come across this sign. Get ready to jump over deep cracks – are you kidding me! Do you have any idea how tired my legs are? The cracks weren’t too wide but when you can’t see the bottom and your legs feel like jello you tend to pause for a moment and wonder if this is a smart move.
I love taking pictures of flowers and this race was no exception. In the background is a small lake.
So we have conquered the first major uphill battle, jumped over 3 crevasses where you could not see the bottom and then just for fun get to scramble up a skree slope – YAY! Actually, this was the part of the race that got my adrenaline going. The wind was so strong that it was actually hard not to be blown off the slope. And yes, that white stuff is snow (we climbed to approx. 6000 feet)

This is a cruel course. You’re climbing, climbing, you get to the top of what you think is the summit just to look in the distance and see all these little colored dots climbing up the next slope.
Almost to the summit, for real this time.
Jogging along the summit ridge. It was so windy that if you turned your head the wrong way you couldn’t breathe. It was like the wind created a vacuum that sucked all the air out of your lungs.
And we survived!
All of us have agreed to do the race next year and we have already recruited a few rookies. If you want more info on this race visit the official site at

Joining the Blogging Bandwagon

So far I have been strongly resisting joining the social media movement. Until recently I don’t think I really understood the value of participating in blogs, Twitter etc. (aside from the fact that everyone is doing it). A few weeks ago I went to a marketing seminar on using social media. The facilitator shared with us that for him, social media is a way to build relationships with his clients, customers, colleagues etc. This really resonated with me. The ability to connect with all those people in a regular, on-going way in which they will gain some value. Not just as tools to promote my business. I think that this is where I was stuck, not wanting to use social media just as a way of marketing my business. Instead, using it to open up insight into who I am and what I think about the world around me.

Ready to join me on the journey? Remember, I am a new blogger. The first few posts could be a bit bumpy!