1 Step to a Happier Life

My last post was about losing 30 pounds by clearing up the clutter. Of course I was referring to mental/emotional pounds. So many of us struggle, struggle all the time with everything it seems. We struggle with eating healthy, we struggle with being active, we struggle with being a stressed out, frustrated, overall unhappy person. Read more about 1 Step to a Happier Life[…]

Lose 30lbs – PURGE

I recently came across a quote about letting go: “By letting go, you will empower yourself. You are letting go of the weights that are pulling you down from seeing new possibilities.” – Vanessa Vandy And at the time the quote caught my attention, I found it interesting and then I moved on to something else Read more about Lose 30lbs – PURGE[…]

Walk in your client’s shoes

So over the past month I have embarked on a couple of self-induced week-long challenges. The first was cutting out the sugar in my coffee (which I still do). The second was decreasing TV time to one hour per night and the third was to cut out TV completely (I am back to watching one Read more about Walk in your client’s shoes[…]

If You Don’t Design Your Life Someone Else Will For You

Last week I watched a fantastic video on TED. Nigel Marsh, who has written extensively over the past seven years about work-life balance shares four observations from his work and experience: 1. Certain job and career choices are fundamentally incompatible with being meaningfully engaged in a day to day basis with a young family – Read more about If You Don’t Design Your Life Someone Else Will For You[…]

Making Time for the Things that Matter

I knew it had been a while since I wrote my last blog….didn’t realize it had been since October 28, almost two months ago! So I thought this would be a perfect time to talk about making time for the things that matter. As most of us have experienced, it is easy to get wrapped Read more about Making Time for the Things that Matter[…]

What do you need to STOP doing?

I had a very interesting weekend this past weekend. It was the BCRPA BCFit 2010 Fitness Conference, for which I was the conference organizer. My counterpart, Tracey, is an employee of BCRPA and has been my right hand woman through the planning and delivery of this event. Once the conference was over we went out Read more about What do you need to STOP doing?[…]

A Simple Tool for Making Good Decisions

Making good decisions on a daily basis can be really challenging. How do you know what will be a good decision and what won’t? Over the past couple of years I have found a really useful filter to help me see good decisions from poor ones. I simply ask myself, will this decision move me Read more about A Simple Tool for Making Good Decisions[…]

If it’s not exercise it’s not worth it……

Yesterday I went for a walk through my neighborhood. As I walked I enjoyed the beautiful scenery and my favorite artist on my ipod, Dino Dinicolo (www.dinodinicolo.com). I chose to walk as I haven’t done any activity since the 1/2 marathon two weeks ago and wasn’t sure how m body would feel. As I walked Read more about If it’s not exercise it’s not worth it……[…]