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She almost gave up

Yesterday I had the chance to talk with a fellow fitness professional. Our paths have crossed a few times over the past year and recently another fitness professional suggested she reach out to me for some guidance. A few minutes into our phone call she dropped this bomb…..”Last week I was ready to call it Read more about She almost gave up[…]

Standing on the Edge of Selling Out

A couple months ago I was asked to apply for a full-time position with a local municipality. The job itself had lots of elements that I was super excited about. Helping grow the leadership skills of my management team, looking for ways to help more people in more meaningful ways, being part of a larger Read more about Standing on the Edge of Selling Out[…]

Should You Be Playing a Bigger Game?

Last fall I attended my first Desire Map workshop. Our facilitator was Sandi Amorim ( There were so many things that changed my life in that workshop and one of the most profound was when Sandi shared a bit of a rant with us. A lot of coaches talk about playing a bigger game, the Read more about Should You Be Playing a Bigger Game?[…]

Who Are You To Share Your Expertise?

With a background as a Fitness Expert and a Life Coach I get to meet some pretty awesome people. I recently met a fellow Fitness Professional for coffee so that we could do some brainstorming, get to know each other better and see where our work could align. I’m all about collaborations and partnerships, I Read more about Who Are You To Share Your Expertise?[…]

Do or Do Not, There is No Try 

In Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Master Yoda instructs Luke Skywalk to ‘Do or do not, there is no try.’ This is one of my favourite quotes and one of the philosophies of living that I find the hardest to uphold. Do or do not. For me, this means that you need to make Read more about Do or Do Not, There is No Try […]

Setting Goals – Enough Already!

Yeah, it’s that time of year, every guru under the sun is talking about goal setting. How to set smart goals, how not to set goals, how to set goals that you’ll actually achieve, blah, blah, blah. I’ve been in the goal setting business a long time. As a fitness expert and Life Coach goal Read more about Setting Goals – Enough Already![…]

What’s the Deal with Gluten (and other digestive questions)?

I love being a resource for people. So, when I find good information I like to share it. [Tweet “One of my go-to places for nutritional information is “]The site is the work of Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, whom I cannot say enough about. If you want uncensored, researched based information, he’s your guy. Here Read more about What’s the Deal with Gluten (and other digestive questions)?[…]

4 Tips to Curb Overeating

Recently there was an article in the Province newspaper, Dieters offered hope of a pill to turn off hunger. The pill contains acetate, a molecule which is released when we eat fiber. Acetate works in the brain to suppress our feelings of hunger. So far they have only tested this on mice, and the results have been Read more about 4 Tips to Curb Overeating[…]

I Don’t Need This Crap

I don’t know about you, but there is something about the start of a new year that gets me into cleaning mode. Getting rid of stuff I don’t use anymore, taking care of things that I have been putting off (like taking bottles to the recycling depot, getting rid of an old printer), all the Read more about I Don’t Need This Crap[…]

Decluttering – The ONE Place You Have Likely Not Thought Of

I’ve seen a few different articles and videos the past few weeks about getting rid of clutter, purging all the excess from closets, storage lockers, filing cabinets etc. There’s a few reasons for this purging: Helps to create space for new things in your life – physical clutter and mental clutter are connected. If your Read more about Decluttering – The ONE Place You Have Likely Not Thought Of[…]