March 23, 2015


The Sparkle Project

In March 2015 “The Sparkle Project: An Inspirational Handout for Young Girls” was published. This book was co-authored by Kristal Barrett-Stuart and Kristin van Vloten, and it features the true stories and practical success strategies of the Sparkle community. I’m thrilled to be one of the women profiled in this book.

Purchase the book on Amazon (worldwide) or in the Sparkle store  (Canada only)

The Sparkle handbook is intended to provide young girls with insight, encouragement, and plenty of practical strategies for living out their dreams with confidence and self-love. Partial proceeds of the book sales will fund bursaries for young girls who need financial assistance to pursue their dreams.

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Enough Gimmicks – Get Fit Wherever You Are

In December 2012 I wrote and published my first e-book, Enough Gimmicks – Get Fit Wherever You Are. It’s a home exercise program with some practical exercise solutions snuck in…The book is written for the person who is not sure how to exercise safely and who wants a straightforward, easy to follow solution. The e-book hit best-seller on Amazon a few weeks after it was published.

Enough Gimmicks - Get Fit - Book Cover