4 Tips to Curb Overeating

Recently there was an article in the Province newspaper, Dieters offered hope of a pill to turn off hunger. The pill contains acetate, a molecule which is released when we eat fiber. Acetate works in the brain to suppress our feelings of hunger. So far they have only tested this on mice, and the results have been that the mice ate less.

Here’s my question…Do we overeat because we are constantly hungry? I think not. The clients that I work with (and myself included) have more issues with emotional eating, eating because of boredom, mindless eating, grazing all day etc. We don’t overeat because we are hungry.

Now that’s not to say that for some people this wouldn’t work. There are people who overeat because of the physical sensation of hunger. But I think they are the minority of the people who overeat.

So, once again. No magic pill. No quick fix. No gimmick that will give you the short cut. If you overeat here are some tips on how to reign it in:

  1. be mindful when you eat – sit at a proper table, put away ALL the screens (TV, laptop, phone). We know that when we are not paying attention to the food we eat, we eat more.
  2. rid your house of the snack foods – just get rid of them. If you want a treat, buy a single serving of something when you are at the store, don’t have those things in the house.
  3. eat at set times – don’t let yourself graze all day. Even if you are grazing (aka snacking) on healthy foods, those calories add up. Plan to eat every 3 hours or so.
  4. plan your meals – I know, it sounds boring and time consuming. But trust me, when you decide what meals you are going to cook during the week, buy ALL the groceries you need and then prep whatever you can, the rest of your week is so much easier. I do my planning, shopping and prepping on a Sunday, find what day works best for you.

I would love to hear in the comments below other tips that you use to keep your eating under control…

6 thoughts on “4 Tips to Curb Overeating

  • And keep healthy meals in the freezer! If I KNOW I have a made-ahead, single serving frozen meal I’ll always reach for that. When I’m out…

    Well, yesterday I ate a can of Speghetti-O’s. Fun? Yes. Tasty? Yes. Healthy? No. And I was starving a few hours later!

  • I could not agree more. My family has used these exact steps to get our eating in great shape. The biggest challenge is #2. My husband will have a craving for something and will bring it into the house and tempt all of us with it. For example, maybe it is ice cream. He’ll buy a gallon! I suggested that it would be better for him to grab a sundae at DQ. That way the temptation doesn’t hit all of us. We’re working on it!

    I’ve also learned that I think I’m hungry when I’m dehydrated. So now I’ll drink water first before eating. Works great.

    • Water….so important! Husband bringing home ice cream – that is a tough one :-). And when they do bring it home, it comes from a place of wanting us to have a treat…,however, makes the concept of moderation that much harder!

  • I can’t find the source, but I had read that food makers are engineering foods so that they enhance cravings. I know this sounds a bit conspiracy, but I notice after I eat certain junk foods I just want more and more. Conversely, when I eat whole foods like fruits/veggies, I don’t experience the cravings…

    • There is a great book my Micheal Moss, “Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us” – it’s a great book, rooted in facts, not conspiracy.

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